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Content Bees Inc., a corporation incorporated under the laws of India, having registered office at C/2H, 1852, near Gopal nursing home, Atabhai road, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, 364002 provides content creation services through website and mobile applications, and/or other domains or platforms owned and /or operated by the Company, which currently including available at the company’s websites and any other websites and mobile applications, and / or other domains or platforms which may be owned or operated by the Company in future (collectively referred to as “Platform”).


I. Definitions

“Account” means the account created by a User on the Platform to access / use one or more Services. It shall include an Organisation Account.

“Applicable Law” means all applicable laws and regulations applicable to a User of the Platform, whether in effect as of the date of these Terms or thereafter and each as amended from time to time, in respect of Your use of the Platform.

“Creator” shall mean any User who has created an Account on Our Creator Portal and seeks to render Services to Customers via the Platform.

“Customer” shall mean those Users who seek to avail Services via the Platform.

“Content” shall mean the material generated through the Services offered by the Platform, basis the specific requirements of a User.

“Price Quote” means the form setting out the price to be charged by the Company from the User for the use of the relevant Services, whether as a part of any Paper Contract, Checkout Form (payment link) or any form on the Platform.

“User” or “You” means any person or entity who accesses or visits the Platform and/or avails one or more Services on the Platform, or their representatives or affiliates who are registered on the Platform. The terms “Your” and “Yourself” shall be construed accordingly.

II. Updation of Terms and Conditions

Your use of the Platform is always subject to the Terms and Conditions, which may be updated, amended, modified or revised by Us from time to time. We will notify You of any change of the Terms and Conditions in accordance with applicable laws. Any updates to the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be effective as soon as they are uploaded on the Platform. If You continue to use the Platform, Content and/or Services after the updated Terms and Conditions have been published, it shall be deemed that You have read and understood and accepted the updated Terms and Conditions. Any reference to Terms of Usage / Terms and Condition, shall refer to the latest version of the Terms of Usage / Terms and Condition.

III. Service(s) provided to Users

Content Services

If You are a Creator:

We provide a Platform that allows You to curate content and render content creation services to Customers. Customers who desire to avail content creation services shall reach out to Us. Upon receipt of a content creation project (“Assignment”) from the Customer, we shall allocate the Assignment to a Creator based on the Creator’s experience and expertise. Decision of the Company for allocation of Assignment shall be final.

Registration as a Creator on the Platform does not guarantee allocation of Assignments or obliges the Company / Customers to avail Content Services from any one or more Creators.

If you are a Customer:
We provide You a Platform that collects your content creation requirements and addresses them by providing original and unique content as per the specifications provided for the Assignment (“Content Services”). Subject to the Plan availed by the Customer, the following Services shall be rendered in this regard:

  1. We help you ideate and create content at scale; 
  2. Match a Customer to the best suited Creator 
  3. Curate content as per your requirements 
  4. Deliver the content to you by acting as a bridge between Customer and Creator. 
IV. User Account Registration

In order to use the Platform, You have to create an Account for which You shall provide true and accurate information. You acknowledge that the information You provide, in any manner whatsoever, is not confidential or proprietary and does not infringe any rights of a third party in whatsoever nature. Each Account is non-transferrable and may not be sold, traded, combined, or otherwise shared with any other person. The information collected while creating Your Account will be governed by the terms of Our Privacy Policy. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your login credentials and are fully responsible for all activities that occur through your Account. You can create an Account by using Your email ID and/or phone number, which shall be verified by the Company. 

Your phone number may be used for integration with certain instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or such other platforms determined by Us, by creating the Account. You hereby agree to receive communication from Us through the aforementioned platforms. Please note that the Company does not permit use of personal email ids for creation of Accounts of Customers or Organisation Accounts.

You further agree not to use the Account or log in with the username and password of another User of the Platform unless: (a) You are expressly authorized to use such User’s Account; and (b) such use would not violate the Terms and Conditions.

You agree to immediately notify us if You suspect or become aware of any unauthorized use of Your Account or any unauthorized access to the password for any Account. We shall have no responsibility or obligations for any actions executed through Your Account if You do not notify us of the unauthorized access or use of Your Account. You further agree not to use the Account or log in with the username and password of another User of the Platform unless: (a) You are expressly authorized to use such Account; and (b) such use would not violate the Terms and Conditions.

If You are a Customer:

You may register and create an Account for Yourself as a Customer by providing information being sought by Us on the Platform. Should You login to the Platform using such login credentials, it shall be deemed that Your Account has been accessed by You or any third-party to whom You have granted access to the Account. You agree to immediately notify us if You suspect or become aware of any unauthorized use of Your Account or any unauthorized access to the password for any Account. 

V. Fees 

You agree to Pay us any fees for the Services availed by you, in accordance with the pricing and payment plans presented to you by the Company on the platform and the website. Payment against fees can be made online through credit Card/internet banking etc. or any mode of payment which is made available to the User in the Platform. The Fees paid by you is non-refundable, except as provided in these Terms and Conditions.

VI. Reworking and Revision
  1. The customer shall be bound and liable to review any and all assignments before approving the assignment. Content Bees shall ensure that the creator makes any and all edits in accordance with the suggestions or feedback as provided by the customer. However, the request for revision has to be made in accordance with Clause I.I, and within 7 working days from the date of submission by Content Bees. In addition, the cost of only the first __ revisions is included with the initial fees, and any subsequent revisions shall entail

    Essential  – no revisions 

    Pro – 1 revision 

    Custom Pro – 2 revisions

  2. Any request made for revision post 7 working days from the date of submission shall be treated as a fresh or new project, and shall not be entertained as a revision request. The payments for these revision requests shall be made as in Clause I.II.1. 
  3. Content Bees shall only be liable to make the requested revision, provided the content is on the lines of the brief of content which was provided to Content Bees. The revision requests shall also be well within the ambit of what was provided to Content Bees on the earlier occasion where the information about the project was provided to Content Bees. 
  4. In case the article contains everything which was mentioned in the brief shared at the first instance, the customer shall be liable to make every specification about the desired revision while making the request for revision. 
  5. In case a project contains more than one assignment, any request made for revising one assignment would be considered as one revision request. In addition, every request for one assignment which forms a part of the brief shall be considered to be an individual request for an individual revision request. Content Bees shall, in no circumstances, entertain or respond to any request which requires an entire project to be redone or re-made, provided such request is made on the review of one or a few assignments out of the entire project. 
  6. In case there is a revision request which requires Content Bees to redo the assignment to a significant level, the Customer shall be liable to pay such additional charges which may be deemed suitable by Content Bees. Such additional charge levied shall be proportional to the amount of revision required. 
  7. The Customer hereby agrees to the condition that no additional payment shall be made by Content Bees to the Customer in case any specifications are not met with. In such circumstances, only a revision request is required to be made. 
VII. Cancellation Policy 
  1. For Content Services : Once a project is created and uploaded on the Platform, the project shall not be canceled at any stage under any circumstances. However, a request may be made by sending an email to priyanka@iscribblers.com. The discretion shall be entirely of Content Bees with regard to such cancellation, if at all it is to be entertained. Content Bees may choose to not entertain the entirety of the request.
  2. Review Criteria : The customer is hereby informed, that our team shall review, monitor and deal with all requests to cancel a given Project. The decision as to whether the cancellation request is within the bounds of the brief presented initially shall entirely be taken by Content Bees. 
VIII. Non-circumvention

Applicable to Customer:

Content Bees shall act as the liaison between the Creator and the Customer. The Customer shall not directly or indirectly attempt to circumvent, avoid or bypass the intent of the Terms, to avoid payment of fees in connection with any Assignment or enter into a transaction involving any probable Assignment directly with the Creator. 

You agree to notify the Company immediately if the Creator suggests that You can or should make or receive payments other than through the Platform and any act in violation of this provisions or if you receive unsolicited contact outside of the Platform.

In case if you work directly with our writers, you are liable to pay us a sum of INR 1,00,000. 

Customers can interact with Creators through the Platform. Customers shall share only such data with Creators as is required for the Assignment, and shall not share any personal data with Creators. We take no liability for any information exchanged between a Customer and a Creator. 

IX. Modification / Amendment

Content Bees reserves the right to modify, amend, alter and/or vary the terms and conditions of this Policy at our sole discretion with or without providing you due notice of the same. The Consumer shall, at no point in time, hold Content Bees liable for not serving them with the said notice. 

X. Contact

If you have any questions/queries/clarifications regarding the contents of this Policy, please contact Content Bees at priyanka@iscribblers.com. Please note that for the purpose of validation and taking your service request, you shall be required to provide information (including, without limitation, the contact number or registered mobile number, etc.).

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