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Content Strategy – A content strategy goes beyond writing and editing content.

It focuses on creating an authentic, clear, easy to understand and persuasive message – which is truly yours.

iScribblers’ full-service approach gives results because “it’s not what you say… but what people hear”.

We Combine :
  • Buyer personas
  • Audience segmentation
  • Magnetic headlines
  • Easily navigable UX
  • Intuitive information architecture
  • Comprehensive SEO

And that’s exactly where we help you.

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All communication ends in sales.

Doesn’t matter what you sell – car tires or software as a service or trying to date – what you write has to appeal to the user.

Because the end of all communication is sales.

Sure, design and how your backend functions matter.

That’s what our designers and coders are always working on.

However, when you go deeper, inspiring actions happen when the right message is conveyed to the right audience at the right time.

Call it – sweet spot, relevance or ROI.

For you this means…

The best products in the world have little value without the right words to:

  • Bring them to life
  • Promote
  • Sell
  • Advertise
  • Support

Got a project?

Great. But here’s a warning: We believe on-and-off jobs as the greatest productivity killer. It takes atleast a month to know your product, voice, goals and industry niche.

So email us only if you’re willing to:

Spend a minimum of INR 20,000 (per month)

Work on a minimum three-month engagement

(And yes … we do ghostwriting for guest posts. Let this be a secret.)

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About our founder, Priyanka Desai

Priyanka Desai

I'm Priyanka Desai, the founder of iScribbblers, a content marketing partner for tech startups.

When I'm not working for 12 hours a day, you'll find me buried inside a book. You may even find me in the Himalayas, where I go once every year.

At iScribblers we combine content marketing and PR to improve a brand's visibility. Using strategic guest posts, interviews and organic mentions, we help our clients enhance their brand awareness.


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